project life 2014 | weeks 31 & 32

3 September 2014

As promised I'm here today with two more weeks of my project life (ETA - see bottom of post for reasons why this will be my last detailed project life share).

We got back from holiday and were grateful for to the grandparents for house and pet/animal sitting whilst we were away. It gives peace of mind to know that the cats are happy and the house in clean and safe whilst we are having lots of fun in the sun! This week our kitten Lea ventured outside for the first time, which was very exciting for her and stressful for me! We got a new cooker also and were grateful to our neighbour and friend for helping remove the old beast from the kitchen! I completed a couple of mini albums this week about our vacation, you can find these posts here and here on my blog. The weather was a bit hit and miss this week. We are getting one hot day and then a couple of days of mist and rain :(

Week 32 saw the departure of the grandparents and Noah & Molly visited a waterpark near Lyon with their summer atelier. Zachary and me went for a 22km bike ride along the Rhone using the Via Rhona cycle path. I'm loving my road bike, makes hills so much easier!

Here are my pages, week 31 ~

Left side ~

right side ~

and full page spread ~

Week 32 left side ~

right side ~

and full page spread ~

As usual I am linking to Thanks for reading and have a great day.x

NB - I have decided that this will be my last project life blog post in any details. There are certain details of my life that I wish to keep private, I am sure you all understand the reasons for that. I will, however, return with ad-hoc project life posts relating to events like holidays and Christmas. Thanks for your understanding.x

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