project life 2014 | weeks 29 & 30

2 September 2014

Today the children go back to school after the long summer break of 8 weeks. We've had lots of fun but not lots of sun but have still managed to tick off those wishes from the bucket list!

So here are my project life weeks 29 and 30 - couldn't be simpler - I have two photos to represent these weeks. The first week we were really busy with the grandparents visiting and photos did not take a priority but I did steal this one of Molly and Grandma reading in the garden. 

Week 30 we were on holiday and this week is covered by a couple of mini albums so I chose my favourite photo of Noah jumping on the beach and used that in my Style A pockets.

Here are the pages ~

And week 29 ~

I'll be back tomorrow with weeks 31 and 32. Today has been a little hectic! Thanks for reading and have a great day.x

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  1. These are great, love the photos! I love when I see full photos spread among the pockets! I need to try this!

  2. Loving the large photos across all the page pockets ♥


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