project life 2014 | week 6

24 February 2014

Here in France we are experiencing some extremely grey weather. So I brightened up my Project Life week 6 with a rainbow effect !

I had this awesome watercolour paper card from my Studio Calico monthly kit and was unsure what to do with it until I hit upon using it as a weekly title card. So I got out my watercolour paints and had a little fun. When it was completely dry I stamped up the dates and added a few coloured embellishments. Really pleased with the result ~

Here is the spread in full so you can experience the rainbow :)

This week we went to pick up some more ducks, 3 girls this time named Jemima, Sophia and Rose to be companions for George. Looking forward to all the duck eggs :) Nat is still off work, he went for a MRI scan at Chambery during this week and the results showed that he has a trapped nerve and needs rest for it to recover (as of today he is back at work, so fingers crossed he is mended).

Left side ~

Right side ~

I used cards and embellishments from Studio Calico, CitrusTwist and Freckled Fawn. My calendar card is by Paislee Press with a free word file from Caylee Grey.

Thanks for looking and have a great week.x

As normal I am linking to themomcreative, a blog by Jessica Turner


  1. I love all the colors!!!! So fun.

  2. Love the title card and all the colors!

  3. Your date card looks amazing. Love how you used so much white space and still fit in a ton of color!

  4. so fun and colorful! so glad you linked up at PL Tuesday so I could visit! This is gorgeous!

  5. this is so bright and wonderful! so glad you linked up at PL Tuesday so I could visit! so so gorgeous!


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