project life 2014 | week 4

29 January 2014

This week saw the arrival of my Studio Calico Copper Mountain project life monthly kit with the Union Meadows add on kit AND my Freckled Fawn *OhDeerMe* monthly embellishment kit, so I was spoilt for choice when selecting for my spread :)

Our weather is still playing games, one minute it is really mild and the next we have snowfall ! Unfortunately we are not getting lots of snow so that we can get the snowboards and the luges out, it normally snows in the morning, the sun comes up and then the snow is gone by lunchtime :(

Friday was spent at Lyon for Zachary's diabetes check up followed by a visit to Ikea for lunch and shopping. The boys are producing a project at school about Native American tribes so we had fun constructing some teepees and totems. When I discovered the world card in my Studio Calico kit I thought it would be perfect to map the different parts of the world that I have been lucky enough to visit. So I had fun embellishing that :)

Finally having created my titles pages using triangles I thought I would continue the theme here and create a couple of pockets like that again. I will sew diagonally on the two pockets, but not until I have created next week's spread and have the cards chosen for the back side.

Right side ~

Left side ~

And all together ~

Thanks for reading and see you next week.x

As normal I am linking up to Project Life Tuesday, the blog by Jessica Turner.


  1. Absolutely love the triangled pages.

  2. I love the triangles! So cute!

  3. Love how clean your pages look. The triangles are just wonderful.


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