project life 2014 | week 1

12 January 2014

This year I have changed my weeks to end on a Sunday. This is so I can group our weekends together and then complete my pages after the weekend. Also November 30 2014 falls on a Sunday, so that will tie in nicely with starting my December Daily album on the next Monday. 

I'm sticking with the 12x12 format this year and hoping to do a double page spread on Design A pocket pages, possibly adding inserts for busier weeks and *week in the life*. My first layout or *week 1* runs from 1-5 January 2014 and just takes up one side of a double page spread - but this fits in nicely after my double page title page (see previous post).

So here is week 1 ~

I am keeping it nice and simple this year, lots of white space and fun embellishments.

Thanks for looking and see you next week.


  1. i love all of the white with bright colors. looks great!

  2. Looks fantastic. Love how the colors really pop off the page.

  3. Wow, this is so gorgeous. I love all the white space and the title card is fabulous!


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