{find your voice | week 5}

24 July 2013

Week 5 asks {what is your design style?}

Whilst I am drawn to minimalist layouts and designs I also love to inject colour, so I am experimenting with a style somewhere between the two. But most of the time I just do what makes me happy and {feels} right :)

For the craft based prompt I was totally inspired by the recent {beach} scrap by Genevive from scrappingcrazy.

This is my {digital} inspiration based on our holiday beach ~

This makes me happy as it tells the story of the beautiful beach and our wonderful holiday :)

Hoped you enjoyed reading, see you soon !


  1. Hi Sarah!

    I'm stopping by from FYV. I love your digital inspiration. The careful use of color plus layered objects to create depth is really engaging. Did you create all of the embellishments yourself or is there a digital scrapbooking pack? I'm struggling with physical scrapbooking. I want my physical albums to look like your inspiration and I just can't achieve in 3-D what's in my head.


    1. Hi Eden, thanks for visiting :)

      I used a digital template by onelittlebird and a freebie elements pack from persnickety prints. This website is really useful with lots of tutorials about digital scrapbooking ~ http://sahlinstudio.com/tutorials/

      thank you for your lovely comments.x


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