{find your voice | week 2}

5 July 2013

So onto week 2 and this week's lesson is {who are you ?}

The basics ~

I'm Sarah, I was born in Coventry, England and now I live in France. Favourite colour is pink, love all things historical and anything with a sniff of a vampire in it ! Hobbies are knitting and my family history.  If I could I would be sunbathing on a secluded beach in the Maldives :)

Best accomplishment - my children, without a doubt ! 

Worst day - 29 December 2000 on British Airways flight 2069 Gatwick, London to Nairobi, Kenya

Furthest from home - Australia 2002 (as a result of a free return flight offered by BA)

Smartest topic - Tudor England

Craft based prompt ~

Extending the genealogy interest I developed a page around a {family tree} with the leaves as bullet points of my life and the branches holding more details ~

Again I used supplies that I have here for my {project life} pages. These include Studio Calico woodchip letters and girl, flair, arrow and sticker, Freckled Fawn woodchip heart, Kelly Purkey alphabet stickers and Pink Paislee diecuts.

I drew the tree in PSE and printed it out onto cardstock.  I cut the leaves from coloured paper and stuck them on with gluedots so that they stand out from the tree.

I'm pleased with the result, I had a basic idea when I started and it developed along the way - I had lots of fun with this weeks lesson :) 


  1. Hi Sarah,
    So nice to meet you and I love your family tree. I am so into family history myself I might have to scraplift this, if that's ok,
    Jo xxxx

  2. Hi Jo
    nice to meet you too, thank you - of course it would be ok - I'm glad I could be of inspiration !

  3. I love the idea of your "tree of life" :) Such a creative idea, and so well executed! Thank you for sharing!

    1. thank you so much for your lovely comments <3

  4. Your tree is so cool and it was interesting to peek into your life in France. Thanks for sharing :o)xxx

  5. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Your project is beautiful and I'm excited to incorporate something similar into my own FYV book :)

    1. thank you ! I loved your inspiration tips too :)


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