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20 May 2013

We have finally joined {project life} and we are very excited !

I will be mainly using the Becky Higgins core kits of Seafoam and Clementine, along with some Snap! kits.  There are so many freebies out there that it will be difficult (especially as I'm a Libran!) making my choices each week, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Here is our {introduction} page.  Our introduction card is from the Clementine core kit.  The filler cards across the middle are from Snap!. Zachary had his birthday the other week but I felt I had to include a photo of his Rainbow Cake that I baked for him; he was very pleased with it.  The two larger photos shown here were taken in April 2013 at a local beauty spot called the Pain de Sucre.  The children love to explore here. I have used the design A pocket page.  The bottom journal card compliments the Clementine set very well and is a freebie created by Kelly at September Blue.

See you next week :)

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